High-speed doors in their various models and functions are popular for any business that has a high traffic work yard. Whether a business is industrial or commercial, if it experiences high traffic then a high-speed door comes with many benefits.


The obvious benefit of a high-speed door is just that, the speed. By increasing the speed of the door, you reduce the number of time employees are waiting to leave or enter and area, move product, etc and therefore creating a more efficient work environment.


For those in food, pharmaceutical, and other types of manufacturing, the risk of contaminants coming in from outside is a real danger to the stability of your product. By reducing the amount of time the door is open, you can minimise this effect. Additionally, you will cut heat losses and save on heating bills.


If a work environment has hazards, reducing the number of time employees in other areas are exposed is a huge benefit. Additionally, the absence of rubber gaskets between the slats of the door that can be cut by criminals is a fantastic security feature.

At Industrial Door Engineering we offer three types of high-speed door: the rapid roll door, fast-acting insulated roller shutter, and stacking door. These doors are manufactured custom to perfectly fit your business. You can find out more about our high-speed doors by visiting our website.

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