The strength of the material of roller shutters combined with their instantly recognisable design make them an effective protective measure for your business. As the manufacturing industry has evolved to incorporate new technologies, your options for roller shutters have expanded to include roller shutters that prevent the spread of fire. Our fire roller shutter doors in Halifax and surrounding areas are installed by experts and can provide fire protection for 1, 2 and 4 hours, as desired. A commitment to innovation is at the forefront of the work our highly experienced operatives do, but so is authentic customer service, whereby the surveys we carry out on a building are designed with your requirements as a priority. The hour-rating and design of the roller shutter is ultimately up to you, with recommendations only given for your benefit, in light of your daily operations, concerns and preferences.


If you work in an industry with a high fire risk due to the chemicals or materials you work with, you might want to opt for a higher fire rating without so much as a second thought. Fortunately, the fire roller shutter doors in Halifax are both intricately designed to your bespoke operational and aesthetic requirements, and competitively priced to ensure a highly satisfactory experience. Since rules and laws regarding safeguarding are constantly evolving, it is worth noting that buildings used for commercial purposes are increasingly required to have a 240v single phase fire shutter due to the fire protection on offer. These are just some of the reasons why it is a good investment for your business!


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