One of the key draws of an industrial roller shutter door is the security that they offer to businesses and industries over other types of door. Over the years our team have developed a huge number of installations and in doing so, always pay close attention to the inbuilt safety features so that we can ensure maximum industrial door security to all of our customers.


Threat from Theft

One of the key ways that businesses need to protect themselves, is from theft. Thieves often target companies rather than homes because there is usually more cash on site or expensive assets and equipment that can be sold off once taken. To deter them, there are few key industrial door security features. Regardless of which sort of door is installed, none of them have traditional locks on them, or doorways within them, which means entry is harder. Without being able to see an obvious in-route, thieves are automatically deterred.


Protect from Nature

Another factor that can be devastating for businesses is nature. With wind, heavy rain and storms often damaging stock or buildings, it’s vital to have a door that is secured against these threats, even if they are unlikely to occur in the area which a business is based. Many of our doors are rated class 5 wind loading (BSEN 13241-1:2003, BSEN 12424:2000 and BSEN 12444:2001). This means they can withstand excessive wind speeds of 29-38 KM per hours and can hold back water and spray from seaside locations.


Strong Materials

IDE supply doors made from strong and robust materials, which can hold up against both the threats of weather and theft. Steel is well known for its strength, weight and resistance to corrosion which would make it challenging to cut through in an attempted break-in and hold up against many adverse weather conditions. Protective powder coated finishes are as readily available in a vast range of colours.