Our High Speed Doors offer a fast cycling open and closing system that provides a range of benefits for any business. The simple reduction of time that a door spends open offers benefits like better temperature retention and a reduction of exposure to foreign particles. This means you save on both your heating costs and can maintain better hygiene standards than with a standard door.

Our High Speed Doors:

  • Rapid Roll Doors
  • Fast Acting Insulated Roller Shutters
  • Stacking Doors

Our Stacking Doors come with a Wind Class of 5, which is one of the highest ratings available in the industry. Thanks to its internal bars it can withstand wind speeds of up to 150km/h. Due to this design our Stacking High Speed Doors can be situated in almost any environment with significantly lower risk of damage.

Many industries make use of High Speed Doors, particularly those that involve food production, chemicals, or medical facilities that require strict hygiene standards. However, they’re also beneficial for warehouses, factories, and other buildings that require movement of product regularly. A High Speed Door reduces waiting time, meaning not only do you save time on the task at hand but the employees indoors can be better protected from the weather.

We also manufacture, install, service and repair a range of other doors, such as:

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