At Industrial Door Engineering we offer various commercial roller shutter doors, with many different styles, finishes, and functions to choose from. Most importantly, all our doors are bespoke because we know that the way your business is presented matters even when you’re closed.

We offer a range of finishes including powder coating is RAL and BS colours, which both protects the underlying metal of your commercial roller shutter door and is a more environmentally friendly option than standard wet paints.

Aluminium Roller Shutter Doors

For retail and commercial sites, aluminium has been described as the new steel. Not only is this material more lightweight, it doesn’t sacrifice security. Additionally, it can be cut and manufactured with various stylish designs, flat faced curtains, and even vision rows. This allows for graphics and other brand marketing as well as letting in light.

  • 3EA Clearview (Max Width 3500mm, Max Height 3500mm)
  • 4EA Panorama (Max Width 8000mm, Max Height 4000mm)

Fire Roller Shutter Doors

With a spike in retail properties requiring a 240v single phase fire shutter, we have developed a tube motor operated version of our 1, 2 and 4hr range. The tube motor is built into the barrel, so not only can it run from a standard UK plug socket but looks sleek and tidy.

  • Tube Motor 1, 2 and 4hr (Single Phase) Fire Roller Shutter (Certified by Warringtonfire)

If you’re interested in finding out about our other options for commercial roller shutter doors, or want to learn more about our bespoke service, then please visit us on our website or contact us on 0808 238 9800.