As safety and security concerns continue to be a top priority in industrial and commercial spaces, the importance of fire-rated doors cannot be understated. These specialised doors play a crucial role in preventing the spread of fire, protecting property, and ensuring the safety of occupants. In this blog, we will explore the significance of each of our fire rated doors at Industrial Door Engineering, including how they contribute to safer industrial environments.

Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Our specialist fire rated roller shutters are a popular choice for industrial facilities, where large openings need to be secured against fire hazards. Engineered with advanced materials, these shutters are designed to provide enhanced fire resistance. During normal operation, they function as durable and reliable security barriers, but in the event of a fire, they serve as a vital line of defence.

Crafted to withstand the high temperatures and intense heat of a fire, these fire rated roller doors are tested rigorously to meet industry standards for fire resistance, ensuring they can contain and limit the spread of flames. By compartmentalising fire, the doors help buy valuable time for occupants to evacuate safely and reduce the risk of significant property damage.

Fire Rated Steel Hinged Doors

Another essential component of fire safety is the use of fire rated steel hinged doors. Industrial Door Engineering’s fire rated steel hinged doors are designed to offer robust protection against fire while maintaining the structural integrity of the building.

Ideal for various industrial settings, including warehouses, factories, and storage facilities, the doors are constructed using high-quality steel, which provides exceptional strength and fire-resistant properties. The frame and hardware of the doors is also engineered to withstand the impact of fire, ensuring that they remain functional and reliable even under extreme conditions. Moreover, our steel hinged doors are equipped with intumescent seals that expand when exposed to heat, further enhancing their ability to prevent smoke and fire from spreading.

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Ultimately, investing in fire rated doors is a proactive approach to safeguarding lives, assets, and your property against the devastating effects of fire. For more information about our industrial doors, contact our team at IDE today on 0808 238 9800, or email us at

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Enhance Safety & Security with Fire Rated Doors | IDE

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In our latest blog, we explore the significance of each of our fire rated doors from IDE, including how they contribute to safer industrial environments.