At Industrial Door Engineering we offer three types of electric roller shutter. With these options available you can continue to make your new roller shutter door as bespoke and functional as possible within your business. The electric operated roller shutter is one of our bestselling products for businesses like factories, shops, and industrial units.

Due to their popularity, we’re happy to offer both Three Phase (415V) and Single Phase (240V) doors in our range, which you can see below:

  • Tube Motor Roller Shutter (Single Phase)
  • Direct Drive Roller Shutter (Single and Three Phase)
  • Chain Driven Roller Shutter (Single and Three Phase)

Longer Lasting

As standard, our direct-drive roller shutters come with unsprung barrels. By reducing the number of working parts in the door in this manner, we dramatically cut down the normal wear and tear that happens over time. This assists in prolonging the life of a roller shutter that needs to open and close many times on a daily basis.


Additionally, this entire range can be linked to multiple automated opening and closing systems including induction loops, wireless remote controls, and PIR Sensors. Having an automated roller shutter makes the opening and closing process faster and has the potential to increase security to the building and help you save on heating expenses.

Bespoke Design

Our direct drive, chain-driven, and tube motor roller shutters are all available for our custom design service. Your door can be finished in a wide range of lath and colours, with window options available such as Perspex and double glazing.

To find out more about our range of electric operated roller shutters and the rest of our bespoke door range suitable for industrial and commercial uses – visit our website or contact us on 0808 238 9800 or via