Industrial roller doors are hard-wearing and serve as an incredibly effective barrier against theft and they are often operational for many years with minimal upkeep. However, they do sometimes suffer a malfunction or breakdown and even the most secure shutter isn’t always 100% intruder proof. If the worst does happen, businesses need to know what to do and who they can call for industrial roller door repairs.

Stay Calm

Breakdowns or break-ins can be traumatic to experience, arriving at work to find out that the day has already been disrupted, productivity will inevitably be down and that a callout is going to be necessary. Staying calm is key to thinking rationally and reducing the downtime the company experiences. If there is a chance an intruder is inside, the first phone call should be to the police and employees should remain outside. If a malfunction is the problem, turn off the power to avoid the risk of injury and call Industrial Door Engineering, who deals in industrial roller door repairs.

Call the Professionals

Roller shutter doors are big and heavy and while many will open and close manually, they contain complex mechanisms. Whether electronic or manually operated systems are in place, these systems are best left to the experts to deal with as they can result in even further complications. These highly specialised pieces of equipment require a specialist to fix them so calling and industrial roller door repair company or the manufacturer is the best course of action.

Protect Against Breakdown

Roller shutter breakdowns tend to happen from extensive wear and tear after all these doors can be in use all day every day. Even the sturdiest roller shutter door requires some care and attention to stay in top working order and regular maintenance can help ward off breakdowns. Regular servicing and a roller shutter maintenance plan will cover regular inspections by engineers, who can carry out any remedial works early on and spot potential problems before they occur.