Any building owner wants to take effective steps to protect their building. Relentless idealism isn’t the way to run a business because you need to be prepared for unforeseen dangers by calculating the level of risk your building holds and investing in products to provide protection. Industrial roller shutters are robust and hold protective properties whether they are manufactured from galvanised steel or aluminium – at Industrial Door Engineering, we offer both without compromising on quality.


Instant Communication

Many people have childhood memories of knowing the school canteen was closed by seeing the roller shutters had been put in place. Some schoolchildren will have tried to push the roller shutters to no avail, and from this early age, the message conveyed through industrial roller shutters is clear: they are impenetrable.


Goods Protection

Threat to a business owner is larger and primary risks damage to property through attempt break-ins or temperamental weather. The industrial roller shutters our team install have passed rigorous quality control testing so you can trust in their ability to protect your unattended building, employees and goods.


Design Options

The look of your building always matters and therefore we also offer solid roller shutters and perforated, punched or flat faced lath options to give you the ultimate control of how your industrial roller shutters both operate and look. Window options are also available too: choose from Perspex and double-glazed windows to attain the look and functionality you desire.


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