Clearview Aluminium Roller Shutter

Experience unmatched security and functionality with Clearview Aluminium Roller Shutters. Crafted with precision and designed for optimum performance, these aluminium roller shutters are the go-to solution for safeguarding your commercial property. Popular for applications including retail shopping centre units, medical settings, counter services and airports, these bespoke shutters feature the choice of solid or punched laths, with window infills designs to match your requirements.

Durable Construction

The strength of these aluminium roller shutters lies in the interlocking aluminium laths, each meticulously assembled from 75mm x 1.5mm extruded aluminium. To ensure lateral stability, end clips are fitted to every second lath. Additionally, the secure bottom rail is also engineered from extruded aluminium, and is designed to bolster the lower edge of the aluminium curtain, adding an extra layer of protection.

Cold-rolled 65mm deep galvanised steel side guides are supported by galvanised steel angles of suitable size and thickness, forming a secure fixture to your structure. For motor or safety bearing accommodations, a 50-75mm packer is also included. This ensures a perfect fit for every application, with flexible sizing for larger installations. The roller barrel is constructed from mild steel tube, customised to suit the application. We carefully select the appropriate outside diameter and wall thickness, ensuring seamless functioning and longevity.

Smooth Operation

Powered by 240 volt motors, encased within the roller tube, our clearview aluminium roller shutters offer convenience at your fingertips. For added peace of mind, we recommend including the emergency hand crank in case of potential power failure. Operation is managed through a paddle switch or key switch, with 415-volt 3-phase motors provided upon request.

Customisable Options

Our Clearview Aluminium Roller Shutters can be tailored to your specific requirements. For visibility and ventilation, choose our punched aluminium laths with 225mm wide x 42mm high slots positioned in a brick bond or inline pattern. Punched laths can also be reinforced with 1.5mm clear polycarbonate, for improved security. Each of our roller shutter come in a mill finish aluminium, while side guides and supporting angles are galvanised. For an added touch of style, choose our optional powder-coated finish at an additional cost. Select from a range of stock colours or opt for custom laminated finishes.

IDE are an ISO14001 Certified Company, demonstrating that our organisation is committed to environmental issues and are proactively working to minimise our impact and reduce waste. Customers can rest assured that their roller shutter installations are manufactured, installed and maintained in the greenest possible way.