industrial doors photo
May 24 2024

Streamlining Your Warehouse with Industrial Doors

Optimising warehouse efficiency is a necessity for businesses. In a warehouse, every second counts and bottlenecks in material flow can greatly impact profit. At...
high speed door square cropped photo
May 04 2024

Improving Energy Efficiency with High-Speed Doors

In the current cost of living crisis, and during a time where we are becoming increasingly conscious about our impact on the environment, reducing energy consumption is...
Apr 12 2024

Productivity and Security via Personnel Doors

Businesses, whether industrial or commercial, require seamless access for personnel while safeguarding assets and operations. IDE's comprehensive range of personnel...
yellow high speed roller shutter door photo
Apr 05 2024

Business Efficiency with High Speed Doors

Every aspect of operations, from logistics to facility management, plays a crucial role in maintaining productivity and profitability. One essential component is the...
sectional door with windows photo
Mar 07 2024

Applications of Sectional Doors

Sectional doors have become a cornerstone in modern architecture, offering a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and security. These versatile doors, composed of...
car park roller doors
Feb 24 2024

Roller Shutters: Electric vs Manual

Roller shutters play a crucial role in securing industrial and commercial premises, and the choice between electric and manual options requires careful consideration...
Security door handle close up photo
Jan 08 2024

Investing in Security Doors

Security is paramount, and businesses and property owners are turning to advanced solutions to safeguard their assets. One worthwhile investment is the installation of...
yellow pas steel door photo
Jan 01 2024

Experience our Custom Door CAD Services

At Industrial Door Engineering, our commitment to excellence extends beyond manufacturing top-notch industrial doors; we also pride ourselves on providing a tailored...
External industrial door photo
Dec 18 2023

Maintaining External Industrial Doors This Winter

Throughout winter, it's important for businesses to ensure the proper functioning of their external industrial doors, roller shutters, and sectional doors. Harsh...
Electrical roller shutter door photo
Dec 01 2023

Choose Electrical Roller Shutters

Ensuring the security and efficiency of your premises is always important. When it comes to this electrical roller shutters are a highly advantageous solution. In this...
Roller shutter door photo
Nov 20 2023

Insulated Roller Shutter Doors for Your Premises

Efficiency and cost savings are of high importance to businesses. One smart investment that can significantly impact your bottom line is the installation of insulated...
tube motor roller shutter door
Nov 12 2023

Industrial Doors in the Food Industry

Efficiency, hygiene, and safety are paramount in the food industry. One often overlooked but crucial component of food production facilities is the industrial door....
Reception roller shutter door photo
Oct 08 2023

The Benefits of Manual Operated Roller Shutter Doors for Your Business

Here at IDE we understand security is paramount. From farm buildings to factories, industrial units to garages, safeguarding your assets and premises is a top priority....
grey fire door close up photo
Oct 03 2023

Steel Hinge Doors for your Business

When it comes to safeguarding your premises, personnel, and property, investing in high-quality steel hinge doors is a wise choice. At Industrial Door Engineering (IDE)...
Push up roller shutter door photo
Sep 02 2023

Exploring Roller Shutter Benefits

Roller shutters are essential elements in securing and enhancing functionality of commercial and industrial spaces. Each type of roller shutter offers unique advantages...
yellow high speed roller shutter door photo
Sep 01 2023

The Power of High Speed Doors

High Speed Doors aren't just about speed, they bring a range of benefits that cater to diverse industry needs. From maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness in...
Fire security door photo
Aug 20 2023

Enhance Safety & Security with Fire Rated Doors

As safety and security concerns continue to be a top priority in industrial and commercial spaces, the importance of fire-rated doors cannot be understated. These...
aluminium shutters photo
Aug 06 2023

Why Choose Aluminium Roller Shutters?

In recent times, aluminium has emerged as the preferred alternative to steel, gaining significant popularity among businesses and manufacturers, particularly in the...
Broken roller shutter door photo
Jun 30 2023

Efficient Industrial Door Repair

Although designed to be robust and long-lasting, there are unfortunate instances where industrial door accidents and breakdowns cannot be foreseen. As an essential part...
security doors photo
Jun 14 2023

Security Doors for Your Business

With their main function of providing enhanced protection, security doors are vital for many businesses. As a physical barrier that will deter and delay potential...
sectional door with windows photo
May 24 2023

The Benefits of Sectional Door Installation

Designed to offer excellent insulation for factories, warehouses and commercial properties, sectional doors are an ideal choice for many businesses. Comprised of...
self storage roller shutter door photo
May 11 2023

Secure Self-Storage Unit Doors

If you are in the business of self-storage, effective security is of utmost importance, in order to reassure your customers. Arguably the most vulnerable points of your...
tube motor roller shutter door
Apr 22 2023

The Benefits of Tube Motor Roller Shutters

Well-suited to a variety of commercial and industrial businesses, tube motor roller shutters are supplied & fitted by our team at Industrial Door Engineering....
industrial doors photo
Apr 14 2023

Industrial Doors for Waste Management

Over recent years, there has been a move towards a ‘zero waste’ economy within the UK. Because of this, there has been increased pressure on the waste management sector...
cad service graphic photo
Mar 22 2023

Bespoke Industrial Door CAD Service

Here at Industrial Door Engineering, we work with a wide range of clients from across all types of industries. Whether you manage a large premises with multiple access...
car park roller doors
Mar 14 2023

Protect Vehicles with Car Park Roller Doors

For those in charge of a premises with on-site car parking, security is likely to be high on your importance list. Whether you are providing parking for employees,...
red personnel door photo
Feb 22 2023

Subconscious Communication & Personnel Doors

Heavy-duty, steel hinges and robust materials are the cornerstone of a personnel door. Designed to convey an air of exclusivity in commercial environments with lots of...
industrial doors photo
Feb 15 2023

Industrial Doors & Perception

The phrase ‘when one door closes, another one opens’ is often used to lend compassion to someone who has been denied access to an opportunity they had their heart set...
Big roller shutter industrial door photo
Jan 20 2023

Modern Problems: Industrial Door Solutions

Industrial roller shutter doors date all the way back to 1882 in Switzerland - a notoriously cold climate. Originally made of wood, since the Victorian era times have...
Tube motor roller shutter door photo
Jan 12 2023

School Canteen Roller Shutters

Do you remember the days of the school canteen? Whether your memories are more turkey twizzler-inspired or Jamie Oliver-thwarted, you will recall the robust roller...
aluminium shutters photo
Dec 18 2022

Roller Shutters in Manchester

Manchester is known for its rich industrial history. In more modern times, it’s known for being second to London in terms of being the busiest city in the UK, housing...
Roller shutter door photo
Dec 12 2022

Communicate Instantly with Industrial Roller Shutters

Any building owner wants to take effective steps to protect their building. Relentless idealism isn’t the way to run a business because you need to be prepared for...
Nov 20 2022

Leeds Businesses: Invest in Insulation

Leeds is not a city known for tropical climates - the wind blows freely in Yorkshire and the temperatures are what you would expect from the North of England – often...
Nov 09 2022

3 Benefits of Industry Doors

Industry doors have a long and rich history. The advancement of technology has led to many branches of industry doors coming into fruition, with our specialist team...
car park roller doors
Oct 31 2022

Invest in Insulated Roller Shutters this Autumn

Are you thinking of installing insulated roller shutter doors this Autumn? You are not alone. Most businesses have a preference for the D4 insulated lath our expert...
Oct 25 2022

Commercial Pros of the Tube Motor Fire Roller Shutter

Sometimes business owners can show reluctance towards arranging an installation of fire roller shutter doors in Cheshire because the architecture of most buildings’...
Oct 14 2022

The Best Commercial Doors in Huddersfield

Huddersfield is famously known as a manufacturing town. While the University of Huddersfield is a huge employer, its rich textile manufacturing history is still what...
Sep 30 2022

How to get Quality Roller Shutter Doors in Manchester

Manchester is infamous for being the world’s first industrial city. While many may think of ‘the big smoke’, Manchester pipped London to the post when the Industrial...
car park roller doors
Sep 11 2022

How Can I Prevent Broken Industrial Doors?

Industrial roller shutters are built with strength and longevity in mind, but no product is 100% infallible. While accidents and deliberate acts of vandalism cannot...
industrial doors photo
Sep 05 2022

Prioritise Industrial Door Maintenance

One of the most overlooked aspects of looking for the right industrial or commercial door for your building is industrial door maintenance. Ultimately, a door is...
Sep 02 2022

Halifax Businesses Should Get Fire Rated Roller Shutters

The strength of the material of roller shutters combined with their instantly recognisable design make them an effective protective measure for your business. As the...
Big roller shutter industrial door photo
Aug 22 2022

The Commercial Doors of Liverpool

Famous for its docks just as much as the fab four, Liverpool has a rich industrial history. If you have an existing business in need of a building makeover or if you...
Electrical roller shutter door photo
Aug 08 2022

How to Modernise your Roller Shutters

If you are considering an installation of industrial roller shutter doors in Yorkshire, aluminium is the material you might be thinking of without even realising you...
Jul 25 2022

What Do I Need in A Commercial Door?

Whether your building is brand new, you are in the midst of a renovation or you are scoping out the costs of starting your own business, you will be thinking about...
Jul 11 2022

Industrial Doors in Wrexham

Rising energy prices have impacted homes and businesses in Wrexham alongside the rest of the country. Here’s how an installation can help. Wrexham FC increased its...
Jun 22 2022

Why Personnel Doors are Necessary

Before you started your business or became a manager, you probably paid no attention to the types of doors you come into contact with in your everyday life. Doors seem...
Jun 11 2022

Is Industrial Door Servicing Important?

The process of choosing the right products and equipment for your business involves some careful consideration. Firstly, you have to choose a reliable company, then you...
May 30 2022

How to Prevent Fire Spreading in your Building

If you have a business in Halifax – or anywhere, you need the proper equipment in place to streamline workflow. Some choices are for commercial purposes while certain...
May 08 2022

Do I Need an Industrial Door?

Industrial doors are specifically designed by trained professionals to function optimally in industrial environments. The type of door you have matters, because...
self storage roller shutter door photo
Apr 25 2022

Install Rapid Roll Doors

Are you looking for a solution to your hygienic work environment needs, or simply looking to reduce the loss of heat in your establishment? Our high speed rapid roll...
Electrical roller shutter door photo
Apr 14 2022

Specialist Roller Shutter Manufacturers

The team at Industrial Door Engineering specialise in the design, manufacture, and installation of a range of roller shutter doors for several industries. These doors...
Mar 29 2022

Supplying and Manufacturing Doors in Staffordshire

When it comes to the CAD design, supply, and manufacture of industrial doors in Staffordshire, look no further than our experienced team online. Industrial doors come...
Mar 23 2022

Your Local Commercial & Industrial Door Engineers

Industrial Door Engineering has been at the forefront of design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of commercial and industrial doors for many years. Our team...
Electrical roller shutter door photo
Feb 24 2022

Save with Insulated Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are available in a number of shapes, sizes, and models. Our insulated roller shutters are a fantastic option for organisations looking to save on...
Feb 18 2022

Experienced Industrial Door Installers in Staffordshire  

When it comes fitting industrial doors to new units or updating existing systems, it is essential to rest assured that the installation is in the hands of seasoned...
industrial doors photo
Jan 31 2022

Round the Clock Repair Service

There are few inconveniences more baffling than a damaged or broken industrial door. Capable of bringing production to a complete standstill, these mini-industrial...
Jan 27 2022

New Roller Doors for the New Year

Happy New Year from the team at Industrial Door Engineering! Our team are excited to continue with our commitment to creating, installing, and serving fantastic...
yellow high speed roller shutter door photo
Jan 07 2022

How Fire Rated Roller Shutters Could Save Your Business

In this blog, we will be shining the spotlight on fire roller shutter doors. Cheshire-based Industrial Door Engineering (that’s us) has supplied premium industrial and...
Jan 02 2022

How High-Speed Doors Provide Security

High-speed doors are a door solution that provide several advantages all aimed at streamlining your operations, saving you money, and providing optimum security. When...
Electrical roller shutter door photo
Nov 29 2021

The Differences Between Roller Shutters

Industrial Door Engineering are home to a number of industrial roller shutters, each of which come with their own benefits, meaning you are able to select from a range...
tube motor roller shutter door
Nov 25 2021

Proper Maintenance of Industrial Doors

As designers, suppliers, and installers of industrial doors, it only makes sense that we take our talents and put them towards ensuring the proper maintenance of your...
Nov 16 2021

Door Engineering and Repair in Wrexham

If you are looking for the industrial door installation, maintenance, or repair experts in Wrexham, look no further than Industrial Door Engineering, who have proudly...
industrial doors photo
Nov 11 2021

Commercial Doors for Businesses in Cheshire

The businesses of Cheshire, big or small, are an integral part of the community and economy. It is therefore essential that your establishments can accommodate...
Oct 28 2021

The Importance of Industrial Door Servicing

Industrial door servicing is an integral part of ensuring your industrial or commercial doors aren’t left to go faulty when such an occurrence could have been easily...
red personnel door photo
Oct 20 2021

Industrial & Commercial Personnel Doors

Personnel doors are an integral part of any commercial or industrial business, and if you are looking to fit your property with the best standard of doors available on...
self storage roller shutter door photo
Oct 12 2021

Fire Roller Shutter Doors

Our fire rated roller shutter doors are the perfect solution for work environments that require that extra layer of protection against that most unfortunate of events...
Oct 08 2021

Experienced Industrial Door Suppliers

IDE is a long-established company of expert engineers dedicated to the seamless installation of a range of industrial doors. As industrial door suppliers we are proud...
yellow high speed roller shutter door photo
Sep 28 2021

What Makes Our Industrial Doors Unique?

We are so prevalent in delivering premium commercial and industrial doors across the UK that we fit quality-controlled commercial and industrial doors in Cheshire,...
sectional door with windows photo
Sep 23 2021

Bespoke Roller Shutters

As a leader in providing bespoke commercial and industrial door solutions for over 40 years, we have constantly strived to create the most innovative industrial door...
Sep 20 2021

The Personal Touch of Personnel Doors

We have the expertise to know how vital personnel doors are to any commercial or industrial business. To have a separate door for goods as well as one for employees and...
Big roller shutter industrial door photo
Sep 15 2021

Why Choose IDE for Industrial Doors?

When it comes to a trusted brand, social proof is a huge factor influencing buyer decision. Ultimately, you want to know the company you choose to purchase from is...
Sep 02 2021

What Makes an Industrial Door Expert?

Through dedication, determinism, talent, and experience, the team at Industrial Door Engineering have become the qualified, go-to experts for everything regarding...
yellow high speed roller shutter door photo
Aug 26 2021

The One Stop for Industrial Door Solutions

As our name might suggest, at Industrial Door Engineering we specialise in industrial door solutions. From bespoke CAD door design to installation, servicing, and...
Aug 23 2021

The Emergency Door Repair Service

You probably haven’t given much thoughts into the functionality and stability of your industrial doors. You might have never considered the effects on your business in...
Aug 19 2021

Are You Looking for Rapid Roll Doors?

Advantages The benefits of our range of high speed / rapid roll doors are plenty, and our three models are designed to offer advantages in protecting against weather,...
Jul 26 2021

Discover Industrial Doors in Wrexham

  Industrial Door Engineering Industrial Door Engineering have been supplying and serving industrial doors in Wrexham for over 40 years.  With IDE you will receive...
Jul 21 2021

Why You Should Book a Surveyor Visit

Since our engineers not only have expertise but years of experience to call upon, booking a surveyor visit is one of the smartest ways you can ensure your business has...
Jul 07 2021

24/7 Emergency Door Repairs: All You Need to Know

We have been providing the highest quality in bespoke door solutions since our inception in 1979. Over the last four decades, we have honed our skills to become one of...
Tube motor roller shutter door photo
Jun 29 2021

Install Tube Motor Roller Shutters with IDE

We manufacture and install all our doors to the same great standard and tube motor roller shutters are one of our highest selling products for a reason. Their simple...
aluminium shutters photo
Jun 24 2021

The New Steel: Why Choose Aluminium Roller Shutters?

The New Steel More and more businesses and manufacturers have come to see aluminium as the new steel, especially when it comes to roller shutters, and there is a good...
Jun 18 2021

Take the Hassle out of Roller Shutter Repairs

Emergency Repairs We know that faulty roller shutters in need of urgent repair can be a source of great anxiety for any business. This is why our 24/7 Industrial Door...
Jun 15 2021

Industrial Door Engineering in North Wales

  Design At Industrial Door Engineering in North Wales, we can take you all the way through from design to installation. Our Door CAD Services offer the best in...
May 25 2021

Aluminium Roller Shutter Doors – In Depth

Aluminium is regarded as the new ‘steel’ in lots of sectors, including hospitality and retail who favour aluminium roller shutter doors over the steel equivalents....
May 18 2021

Services for Roller Shutters in the UK

Industrial Door Engineering provide roller shutters across the UK and have a wealth of accommodating services that ensure that they are always working in harmony with...
May 11 2021

A Comprehensive Range of Industry Doors

Creating industry doors for a large spectrum of clients over the last 40 years, Industrial Door Engineering now have a collection of reliable, robust and heavy-duty...
sectional door with windows photo
May 04 2021

Taking Care of Roller Shutter Industrial Doors

Roller shutter industrial doors are renowned for their convenience, design and simple usability which makes them staple installations for companies from various...
car park roller doors
Apr 27 2021

IDE’s Roller Shutter Engineers

Our roller shutter engineers are one of the most important arms of our business and are responsible for the design, installation, manufacture, servicing and repairing...
sectional door with windows photo
Apr 20 2021

Know When to Upgrade

Roller shutter industrial doors are fantastic installations that help keep people, deliveries and goods flowing into and out of a business. Whether you’ve got a...
Apr 13 2021

Expert Industrial Roller Door Repairs

If an industrial roller shutter door breaks or malfunctions it can have a serious impact on a business and its ability to operate. If the door jams in an open position...
yellow high speed roller shutter door photo
Apr 06 2021

Industrial Door Servicing Processes

All mechanical items require regular servicing in order to stay in top condition and remain functional and the same is true of industrial doors. Whether a business has...
Mar 26 2021

Door Engineering Specialists

Industrial Door Engineering have worked in the production of entrance systems for over 40 years, starting out as a one man operation back in the 1970’s. Today, our door...
Mar 19 2021

Manual Roller Shutter Applications

Manual roller shutters may seem old fashioned compared to electrically enabled alternatives, but these industrial doors still serve a very important purpose to a number...
yellow high speed roller shutter door photo
Mar 12 2021

How Do Tube Motor Roller Shutters Work?

Tube motor roller shutters work by rolling or sliding up and down a set of tracks which are set on either side of the door curtain, which are sometimes often known as...
industrial doors photo
Mar 05 2021

What Are the Industrial Door Types?

The term ‘industrial door’ can be used to describe a variety of installations from personnel doors to roller shutters. The key difference between industrial doors and...
Feb 26 2021

Industrial Doors – Explained

Industrial doors come in many different types, colours and sizes which are suited for different positions, uses and industries. As experts in the industry supplying a...
Feb 19 2021

Roller Shutter Door Production

Since 1979, Industrial Door Engineering has been producing roller shutter doors for a variety of business sectors. With several employees and bases across the UK, we...
Feb 12 2021

Benefits of Aluminium Roller Shutter Doors

Many retail and commercial sites can benefit from aluminium roller shutter doors at their premises, as a lightweight alternative to steel. Whether fitted internally or...
Feb 05 2021

Docking and Logistics Industrial Door Solutions

Docking and logistics depots across the UK are currently working overtime, with an increase in demand for certain goods as a result of online ordering and the ongoing...
Jan 29 2021

One of The Best Industrial Door Companies

Supplying a broad variety of industrial doors across the UK since 1979, IDE has become regarded as one of the leading industrial door companies in the country. With a...
Jan 22 2021

Industrial Door Solutions for Business

One thing for certain is that businesses require doors and in the industrial, commercial, warehousing and stock production sectors many of these require industrial door...
Jan 15 2021

Don’t Delay with Industrial Roller Door Repairs

If your business, like many across the country, relies on roller doors to function then a breakdown or break-in can not only be costly but can halt the companies...
self storage roller shutter door photo
Jan 08 2021

Industrial Door Servicing in 2021

Industrial Door Engineering have a team of expert engineers that are adept and equipped at servicing doors and can ensure they are working to full capacity and...
tube motor roller shutter door
Dec 28 2020

Why Choose Tube Motor Roller Shutters

Industrial Door Engineering has spent 40 years designing, installing and maintaining tube motor roller shutters and they remain one of the bestselling products in our...
Electrical roller shutter door photo
Dec 18 2020

The Importance of Fire Roller Shutters in Commercial Buildings

Fire roller shutter doors have an important role to play in commercial buildings, helping to maintain both safety and security. In 2018 alone over, 170,000 fire rescue...
self storage roller shutter door photo
Dec 11 2020

Save Money with Insulated Roller Shutters

Now that winter has arrived, insulated roller shutter doors are coming into their own, helping to better insulate companies, reduce heat loss and keep the workforce...
red personnel door photo
Dec 04 2020

Personnel Doors FAQ’s

Whether you’re setting up a new business or looking to update a current premise, personnel doors are an installation that can be integral to smooth day to day...
Nov 26 2020

High Quality Roller Shutters in the UK

Our team of experts are industrial and commercial roller shutter suppliers in the UK and can supply our services the length and breadth of the country. With such a rich...
Nov 19 2020

Tube Motor Roller Shutter Doors

We’ve been supplying tube motor roller shutter doors for over 40 years and even today, these electrically operated installations are one of our best-selling products,...
Nov 12 2020

Features of Industrial Door Security

One of the key draws of an industrial roller shutter door is the security that they offer to businesses and industries over other types of door. Over the years our team...
Nov 05 2020

About our Industrial Roller Door Repairs

Industrial Door Engineering have been offering industrial roller door repairs and servicing for over 40 years and ensure to always send a specialist to take care of the...
Oct 27 2020

Why Choose IDE

Industrial Door Engineering are one of the leading suppliers of a range of industrial doors, across the country, thanks to our vast range, our scope of services and our...
Oct 20 2020

Signs You Need Industrial Roller Shutter Repairs

If your business has roller shutter doors, fire doors, high-speed doors or security doors, their functioning is essential for keeping the company running. A door can...
self storage roller shutter door photo
Oct 13 2020

3 Benefits of High-Speed Doors for Commercial Businesses

High speed doors in their various formats and functions are great additions to commercial outlets who regularly have deliveries and personnel entering from behind a...
yellow high speed roller shutter door photo
Oct 06 2020

How to Tell If an Industrial Door Needs Servicing

Servicing is just part of the job for many businesses, with machines, vehicles and tools to keep in check to ensure the continuation of business. Industrial doors are...
Electrical roller shutter door photo
Sep 29 2020

The Efficiency of The Electric Operated Roller Shutter Door

At Industrial Door Engineering we offer three types of electric roller shutter. With these options available you can continue to make your new roller shutter door as...
ide logo colour
Sep 25 2020

Our Services – Industrial Door Engineering

We’ve been in business since 1979, and in those 40+ years, we’ve become one of the most prominent industrial door companies in Northern England and Wales. The likes of...
Broken roller shutter door photo
Sep 09 2020

Has Your Roller Shutter Been Serviced This Year?

Industrial Door Engineering has a team of expert engineers that understand the importance of properly servicing your doors regularly. This is absolutely essential to...
aluminium shutters photo
Sep 04 2020

Feature: Aluminium Roller Shutters

In retail and commercial sectors, aluminium is often seen as the new steel. As these businesses look to bring their shutters into the 21st century, the appeal of the...
Roller shutter door photo
Aug 28 2020

What to do When You Need Industrial Door Repair

Call FREEPHONE 0808 238 9800 now for industrial door repair services from Industrial Door Engineering.   If your industrial roller shutter door breaks or is broken...
red personnel door photo
Aug 19 2020

Why Choose Steel Personnel Doors?

At Industrial Door Engineering we endeavour to have the capability to supply every door type you might need, which extends our range of roller shutter doors to include...
Aug 13 2020

The Importance of Industrial Door Servicing

In any environment, it is important to ensure roller shutter door servicing but in an industrial environment or in any place the roller shutters are opened and closed...
yellow high speed roller shutter door photo
Aug 04 2020

Supplying Roller Shutters to Liverpool Businesses

At Industrial Door Engineering we’ve been providing market-leading aluminium and steel roller shutter doors to Liverpool businesses. These bespoke roller shutter...
yellow high speed roller shutter door photo
Jul 21 2020

High Speed Doors: Perfect for Industry and Commercial

High-speed doors in their various models and functions are popular for any business that has a high traffic work yard. Whether a business is industrial or commercial,...
Jul 16 2020

When to Upgrade your Roller Shutter Door

If you’re uncertain if your roller shutter door could be working harder for you, we’ve listed some things to watch out for below. Drafts and Temperature Changes One of...
sectional door with windows photo
Jul 07 2020

The Benefits of Sectional Doors

A sectional door is made up of horizontal sections. The door opens vertically on a track and these sections lay flat against the ceiling which, when compared with a...
Jun 23 2020

Dealing with A Roller Door Breakdown or Break-In

Industrial roller doors are hard-wearing and serve as an incredibly effective barrier against theft and they are often operational for many years with minimal upkeep....
Jun 16 2020

Saving Energy with Roller Doors

Security is usually the main benefit of our roller shutter doors at commercial properties, but one lesser-mentioned perk is that they can help businesses to save...
Broken roller shutter door photo
Jun 09 2020

Avoid the Need for Industrial Door Repairs

A good industrial door is built to last and although the pre-galvanised steel they are made from is sturdy, durable and corrosion-resistant, they are still liable to...
yellow high speed roller shutter door photo
Jun 02 2020

The Business Benefits of High-Speed Doors

Businesses may not think much about their service doors and the benefits they offer to businesses, but these essential installations offer much more than just entry and...
May 26 2020

Bespoke Roller Shutter Doors for Docking & Logistics

For docking bays and logistics depots, a vast range of doors is required to achieve both a safe and high turnover of goods on a daily basis. This includes other...
Tube motor roller shutter door photo
May 19 2020

Feature: Manual Roller Shutters

A manual roller shutter door is operated by hand and allows a greater level of security in areas where electricity is unavailable, costly to install, or unnecessary. At...
sectional door with windows photo
May 18 2020

IDE Provide Cheshire Fire Services with Sectional Doors

Industrial Door Engineering was recently approached by the Cheshire Fire Service to manufacture some new door installations for a number of their stations throughout...
May 12 2020

Industrial Door Repairs

Offering both industrial door repairs and servicing, Industrial Door Engineering send out specialist engineers. For the last 40 years we’ve been at the forefront of...
Roller shutter door photo
May 05 2020

Roller Shutter Door Supplier Manchester

Industrial Door Engineering is a roller shutter door supplier for Manchester and the rest of Northern England and Wales. This fantastic city is in a period of growth,...
industrial doors photo
Apr 29 2020

Supplying Industrial Roller Shutter Doors in Leeds

The booming industrial and commercial districts in up-and-coming Leeds in a convenient distance from our Yorkshire base, making it incredibly easy to book your free...
ide logo colour
Apr 24 2020

About Us – Industrial Door Engineering

Since 1979, when we consisted of just one van and a ‘fitter’, we’ve expanded to a company with over 50 employees. Ranging from industrial door engineers, surveyors, CAD...
Apr 15 2020

Book Your Free Surveyor Visit with Industrial Door Engineering

At Industrial Door Engineering, we want to take the hassle out of ordering one or more new industrial doors. We understand that once a door is coming towards the end of...
yellow high speed roller shutter door photo
Apr 10 2020

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors UK

We have been involved in the business of industrial doors since 1979, starting with just one man and a van but we now have bases and employees across the country. It’s...
Mar 24 2020

Supplying Bespoke Industrial Doors in Manchester

Industrial Door Engineering has been in business for over 40 years, manufacturing, installing, maintaining, and repairing industrial doors in Manchester. We serve both...
Reception roller shutter door photo
Mar 11 2020

Aluminium or Steel Roller Shutter Doors?

At Industrial Door Engineering we offer many different materials and finishes to manufacture your bespoke roller shutter doors to suit many different purposes. This...