Many retail and commercial sites can benefit from aluminium roller shutter doors at their premises, as a lightweight alternative to steel. Whether fitted internally or externally, these installations can assist businesses in increasing security, privacy and reducing noise and the impacts of weather.


Perhaps the most important reason for installing aluminium roller shutter doors is that they are an excellent and straightforward means of bolstering security. Adding an extra layer of defence to a property in the form of a metal door helps to prevent people from trying to break into a premises by acting as a difficult to penetrate physical barrier. If the door is not enough to deter thieves from trying to enter just in its presence, then the strong and resilient properties of aluminium will make it increasingly difficult for them to gain access.


In the same way that the physical barrier can prevent thieves, aluminium roller shutter doors can also create privacy in areas of the business. Whether they are used to obscure delivery contents at a docking point, or to separate offices from factory lines in warehouses, they can segregate areas and ensure that people and processes are kept on task and within their designated areas. This can be particularly useful in manufacturing, temperature-sensitive areas or in sterile environments.

Reducing Weathering

When installed on shop fronts or in doorways, aluminium roller shutter doors can help to protect the businesses frontage from the effects of weathering. Storms, heavy rains and high winds can all cause damage to windows and doors, particularly when things are blown into them, or flooding occurs. Having a roller shutter can help to limit damage in extreme weather by taking the brunt of any forces that could otherwise damage the building itself.