A good industrial door is built to last and although the pre-galvanised steel they are made from is sturdy, durable and corrosion-resistant, they are still liable to wear and tear. Avoiding industrial roller shutter door repairs means that businesses will need to implement a care plan for the installation to get the most from the doors and prevent a breakdown, from regular servicing, proper maintenance and frequent cleaning.

Clean Up Cosmetic Damage

If your industrial door has cosmetic damage it’s best to speak to an industrial door repair company to deal with the issue. Whether it’s dents, weathering, abrasions or road salt damage Industrial Door Engineering can rectify and service all manner of industrial doors.

Keep it Clean

Dirt and grime build up on a door also has a negative effect if left to accumulate, damaging the finish of the metal. Not only will this look unsightly, but it can also get wound up into the mechanism and cause a mechanical fault if not rectified promptly. Cleaning industrial roller shutter doors should be completed once every 12 weeks using warm water, a soft sponge or bristled brush and gentle cleaning detergent as not to damage the coating. Using a jet wash may make cleaning the large area quicker and allow for harder to reach spots to get clean, but always test on a small area first to ensure the pressure is correct to avoid paint chips.

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