Industrial Doors Wrexham

Specialising in Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Servicing, and Emergency Repair of industrial doors in Wrexham.

Industrial Door Engineering have been working in the commercial and industrial sectors in Wrexham for over 40 years, providing industrial door design, installation, manufacturing, maintenance and repairs for industrial, commercial, electric, manual roller shutter doors. Our team know that no two doors are the same which is why our service is totally bespoke and tailored to the companies’ unique requirements to ensure the highest standards.

With over 1000 doors per year fitted and over four decades in the industry our team are qualified to supply high quality doors in Wrexham and across the UK.

Commercial & Industrial Roller Shutter Doors Wrexham

With our own Quality and Safety Department, we keep our business up to date with the constantly changing regulations and laws that affect both our roles and the industries we work in. With our commitment to quality and assurance, all of our doors come with a guarantee of 10+ years so that businesses can rest assured that their doors will be working and legally compliant for years to come, making a high-quality investment.

Fire Roller Shutter Doors Wrexham

Industrial Door Engineering’s range of fire roller shutter are available in 1 to 4hr ratings and in a variety colour options to suit the style and design of the building aesthetic. All fire door installations are tailored to the specification of the business ensuring legal compliance with relevant legislation, to protect staff, assets and the company as a whole.

Insulated Roller Shutter Doors Wrexham

With capabilities to manufacture insulated roller shutters with 2 different sorts of installation, IDE can form money saving and cost-effective doors, in a range of types. We can also offer double glazed panelling on doors that require visibility panels so that the doors can improve the aesthetic quality without compromising on efficiency. In the long run these installations can help to create savings on energy bills and offer noise reduction where heavy machinery is present.

High Speed / Rapid Roll Doors Wrexham

Assisting in the maintenance of steady temperatures and facilitating the quick turnover of goods and people, high speed doors are ideal investments. Our rapid roll technology can be added onto any of the models of door we provide and our doors can be lightened to improve speed or by reducing insulation. These industrial doors are brilliant for workshops, medical facilities or manufacturers that need control over the amount of air or foreign matter entering the building.

List of Services:

Emergency door repair.
Manufacture, fit, servicing, and repair of all industrial and commercial doors.
Commercial and industrial roller shutter doors.
Manual and electric roller shutter doors.
Fire roller shutter doors.
Insulated roller shutter doors.
Plastisol, aluminium, powder-coated, and galvanised steel roller shutter doors.
High speed/rapid roll shutter doors.
Sectional doors.
Steel hinged doors: personnel doors, security doors, fire safety doors, and acoustic doors.
Bespoke door CAD services.
Trade sales.

IDE are an ISO14001 Certified Company, demonstrating that our organisation is committed to environmental issues and are proactively working to minimise our impact and reduce waste. Customers can rest assured that their roller shutter installations are manufactured, installed and maintained in the greenest possible way.

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