Aluminium is regarded as the new ‘steel’ in lots of sectors, including hospitality and retail who favour aluminium roller shutter doors over the steel equivalents. These businesses are always looking to move with the aesthetic trends of the time, which aluminium allows them to do, being modern in appearance as well as lightweight, affordable and secure, these sort of doors offers many advantages to companies looking to forge a future-proof reputation.

Aluminium Offerings

We offer aluminium roller shutter doors in a wide variety of designs including flat-faced curtains, vision rows and stylish designs. The 3EA Clearview model has a max-width of 3500mm and a max height of 3500mm, while the 4EA Panorama has a max-width of 8000mm and a max height of 4000mm.

Aluminium Security

The security of aluminium roller shutter doors isn’t compromised by the lightweight or the boosted appearance of the material. Every door we manufacture is optimally secure and features a tight seal to protect the business while the staff are away.

Aluminium Appearance

Offering the latest design in the commercial sector our aluminium roller shutters with an extruded lath offers a unique flat front look to the shutter, which is minimalistic in appearance and exceptionally stylish. Being flat, it also allows businesses to brand the door with unique marketing or we can supply punched extruded lath for increased light and vision.

Aluminium Finishing Touches

Offering a wide range of lath and colours, IDE can mix both types of lath throughout your curtain, for a truly bespoke look. All aluminium used is mill-finished and then powder coated in a choice of all BS and RAL colours so you can style the roller shutter doors exactly to your liking.


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