At Industrial Door Engineering we offer many different materials and finishes to manufacture your bespoke roller shutter doors to suit many different purposes. This blog will discuss the pros and cons of aluminium and steel roller shutter doors depending on whether you’re a retail, commercial, or industrial business, where your door will be located, and more.

Aluminium Roller Shutter Doors

For commercial businesses, aluminium is the new steel. This lightweight option means that modern designs can be easily cut and due to these unique properties, we are able to offer punched extruded lath for increased light and visibility. Aluminium roller shutter doors are ideal for retail and commercial premises, as the lightweight nature doesn’t sacrifice on safety.

Additionally, indoor sites within shopping centres, airports, and counter services such as in cafeterias and receptions have found the aluminium roller shutter door to be a great choice. They’re available to be both manually and electric operated, and we supply a wide choice of lath and colours.

Galvanised Steel Roller Shutter Doors

The traditional steel roller shutter door is designed for maximum security and its strength means it can be manufactured to fit much bigger openings than an aluminium roller shutter door. These doors are well suited for external use and in particular, have great benefits for industrial sites, as they can be manufactured with insulation, as fire doors, and more.

Available to be both manually and electrically operated, these doors are incredibly versatile and can function well for indoor use where security needs to be particularly stringent.

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