Creating industry doors for a large spectrum of clients over the last 40 years, Industrial Door Engineering now have a collection of reliable, robust and heavy-duty doors for industry that stand up to the needs of any setting. From day one, we have understood that different industries will have different requirements from their doors based on their day-to-day activities, whether or not they have critical temperatures to maintain and what their energy consumption looks like. With this in mind, we provide a bespoke service to all of our clients but have developed a range of industry doors suitable for all factors of this sector.

Roller Shutters
Our roller shutter industry doors are used across the UK by many companies including warehouses, factories and delivery depots who all choose this style for their versatility. Available with electric or manual openings or with fire ratings and insulation, they can provide businesses with the means to carry out their activities efficiently and legally. Insulated models can help to keep energy losses to a minimum and support the maintenance of critical temperatures in food production spaces or storage facilities, while electric models allow for fast opening and closing in quick-paced environments.

Docking and Logistics
Docking and logistics require specific industry doors that help them with the high turnover of goods on a daily basis. IDE can provide systems to complement the doors we manufacture such as dock shelters for weatherproofing, traffic lights for high volume vehicle areas and dock levellers as well as a variety of door types. Our expert engineers can also provide ongoing maintenance contracts to help keep these doors moving and ensure their lifespan is as long as possible. We know that many logistical companies operate around the clock, which is why we also offer repairs services 24 hours, 7 days a week should something go awry.