Industry doors have a long and rich history. The advancement of technology has led to many branches of industry doors coming into fruition, with our specialist team staying at the forefront of industrial innovation techniques. At IDE, we have been supplying bespoke industrial door solutions across the UK since 1979. Our mission has always been to show industrial and commercial businesses how much they can benefit from a simple, individually tailored installation, but this blog aims to streamline some of the ‘pros’ into a condensed format.


Protect Against Fire

Unforeseen accidents happen. Rather than assuming your business are immune to accidents such as the spread of fire, it is better to have a fire rated roller shutter. Protection against fire is legally required, and the fire rated roller shutter doors our team install can have a 1,2 or 4 hour rating as deemed necessary for your building. This literally stops fire from spreading to other parts of your building if it were to arise. The aesthetic can be designed by you to match your other doors and windows too.


Save Space

Traditional doors can be cumbersome and not particularly conducive to the busy loading/unloading process or high volumes of visitors. Roller shutters doors open upwards to allow for a more ergonomic door mechanism that streamlines your daily operations rather than impedes it. These industry doors are a popular design because of their durability, convenience and the robust materials that protect against intrusion.


Added Security

All industry doors provide fantastic security as just their existence as a part of your building signifies a commitment to optimising the space and investing in high quality installations that would be hard to cut through. The existence of industry doors also implies the installation of security cameras and alarms to would-be intruders, even when none are present. Mechanical operations are required to gain entry through industry doors so even innocuous visitors who should not trespass to different parts of the building for safety reasons would be unable to idly do so.


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