High speed doors in their various formats and functions are great additions to commercial outlets who regularly have deliveries and personnel entering from behind a store front. Whether this is a restaurant, furniture manufacturer or retail store, if the company experiences high traffic, a high-speed door can help speed business up and offer a great deal of benefits.

They Are Efficient

It’s in the name, but the first key benefit of these types of installation is the speed at which they open and close. By decreasing the time it takes to open and close doors, it reduces the amount of time that employees are waiting to enter or leave or move product, which creates a more streamlined work environment and over time, will increase the amount of time that staff spend being productive.

They Are Sealed

Many businesses have a duty to reduce contaminants coming in or out of the business, to protect the stability of stock such as food, manufacturing materials or pharmaceutical goods. By reducing the amount of time a high speed door spends open and potentially letting in harmful particles, companies can minimise the risk of stock going bad and as an added bonus will benefit from reduced heat loss and possibly even make savings on heating bills.

They Are Safe

Many commercial work environments have hazards and key to combatting them is ensuring that every installation is risk assessed. High speed doors have a range of safety features including an automatic stop and internal bars that can withstand wind speeds of 50k/ph.

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